HackerFarm is a residential environment, promoting radical inclusion and self reliance. People can join any camp/program and engage in building meaningful social projects and collaborate with like-minded people.


We belive that the Internet can help people in learning and making money on its sphere. While it takes care of your information repositories, we support this idea – with a physcial ecosystem on a rural-themed space like farm. Participants shape their life habits around a healthy routine and maintain social touch with peer community offline and online.

HackerFarm aligns itself with the 10 principles of BurningMan culture.

The participants are expected to engage in programs and volunteering services taking place at the space. We allow people from all domains to come and explore the possibilities around life and skills that can help you survive the knowns and unknowns, in the present while building the future.


Internet is our guru in residence. We connect with it to build our knowledge or relevant skills. Similarly, the immediacy with nature brings a calming interface and adds a different spark.

While our primary goal is to develop professional skills at this space, we also expect people to build a better lifestyle.