At HackerFarm, People can also self-organize camps and involve in any activities they choose.

While there is no offered courses or training classes, one can lead a camp if there are people interested in the same learning track.

1. Learn to Code : Self-Study Groups

Participants can form a study group around their subject interest and can organize activities, pull resources like coaches and trainers. In addition to it, they can also do workshops, run hackathons and have remote mentorships.

Study Groups are largely unstructured until the participants form a group. While there is no concrete goal for a study group, it is important to post and talk about weekly updates with the community and through blogs/tweets/articles writing.

People can take online classes or join any MOOC like FreeCodeCamp, Udacity, Udemy to learn their programming skills. Or they can attend any online coding bootcamp from HackerFarm.

2. Digital Nomads/ Working Professional Residency

The camp stations welcome people working in a remote job/work or are a digital nomad or are at early stage of building their next big thing. With a coliving and coworking space, it becomes easy to engage in work from this distract-free environment. There is always a fresh feeling the moment you lift eyes to look deep into nature.

3. Open to All

Above all, HackerFarm camp locations allows people from any background to come and immerse themselves in a community living and skill building.

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