Build skills amidst nature

A rural themed basecamp for passionate learners, 30kms away on a farm near Bangalore.
We conduct seasonal and nomadic bootcamp, host events, retreats & invite digital nomads.

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What exactly is HackerFarm?

A residential camping setup for people to engage in learning & building projects. Its largely a self-directed and community driven space.

  • Learn programming using MOOCs, build portfolio & find jobs.
  • Work on social technology projects and share skills.
  • Digital Nomads/Working Professionals are invited to colive-cowork.
  • Not interested in coding, Let us know what would you like to do?



Primarily, we offer camps related to technology and programming in general. Its an internet enabled camping station where people from any background can come and learn skills which they think is useful for them.

Study Groups

A self-directed group to study Python & explore Data Science, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and much more. Participants choose a learning path, build projects and demo their progress every Friday.

Web Development Camp

An immersive 11 Weeks codecamp to help you become a better web developer and connect you with startups to get internships or jobs.
Learn More about Codecamp.

Digital Nomads

Do you work remotely? Inviting you to join us at HackerFarm ensuring Hi-Speed WiFi, better productivity at a green and healthy environment.

Events & Workshops

We conduct and host events, workshops, coding retreats & much more.
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Life at HackerFarm

Away from city bustle and pollution, experience an alternate way of living, learning and working on farm and make your ideas happen.

What's Available?

Tent Camping & Mud-House Accomodation, Community Kitchen, Meals, Electricity, Hi-Speed Internet, Bathroom/Toilets, Washing Machine, Fridge, Electric Unicycles, Drones.

The nearest town is just 7kms away from basecamp.

What's the fees?

1-day Farm visit : 500/- ₹ (without stay)

Weekend Access

Weekend Access : 1,500/- ₹ (Sat-Sun)

Long-Term Stay (with sliding structure)

1. One Month pass : 15,000/- ₹

2. One Month pass : 12,000/- ₹ + 5 hours/week farm volunteering

3. One Month pass : 10,000/- ₹ + 10 hours/week farm volunteering

4. One Month pass : 8,000/- ₹ + 15 hours/week farm volunteering

*contribution of volunteering work and monthly fees help us cover the expenses on the farm & includes tent accomodation, food, internet & electricity.

We like people to stay longer, so one month is the minimum increment at HackerFarm.

For Events/Workshops/Retreats : Join us here on facebook group to stay updated.



We believe that the internet technology has been massively transforming lives of people on this planet. Be it learning, working, solving real-life challenges etc. With abundance of resources available online, people need access to natural environment (away from stress, pollution & chaos) to upskill and be a part of this internet revolution, also influence the economy and make a living out of it.

We are just here to enable the space and help you build skills on this exiciting journey.🙂

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5/1, 6th Floor, Rich Homes Apartment, Richmond Town. Bangalore (KA) 560025