Live in nature. Do Yoga and Meditation. Eat healthy foods, excercise and boost your immunity.

The farm has peaceful surrounding and it provides a very flexible and low stress environment.

Daily Schedule:

8:00 AM - Yoga asana*
9:00 AM - Breakfast
10:00 AM - Study*
1:00 PM - Lunch
2:00 PM - Project session *
5:00 PM - Break
5:30 PM - Sunset | Games
7:15 PM - Meditation
8:00 PM - Dinner

The schedule is here, to provide a routine people can adhere to, that promotes their personal and professional development.

* These activities are the core of the program(on weekdays, Mon-Fri), others are optional.

Vegeterian meals are available three times a day, with a community kitchen which has a self-serving setup. One can cook or help in cooking with the team if they want.