👉🏻 How Do I Join HackerFarm?

Applicants should be above 18 years old and should have access to a personal laptop & a smartphone. They must sustain their incurred living expenses at farm which can be around 12 to 15k inr per month (that includes accomodation, food, internet and other services).

There are multiple ways to Join HackerFarm? Learn more about it below and Apply for HackerFarm.

As a Learner

  • Should apply for a study group.
  • Should complete Pre-work if applying for a product development bootcamp.

As a Digital Nomad or Working Professional

  • Apply for Camp Residency/ Work from Farm
  • Should be willing to share skills with community

As a visitor

  • write to us via mail or apply via the form.

Apply for HackerFarm