At HackerFarm, one can participate by choosing one of the offered Study Groups or create one if there are more than two people interested in that study/learning track. The community also helps in choosing one if that’s needed.

1. Study Groups

Participants can form a study group around their interest and can organize activities. In addition to it, they can also lead for doing workshops and have remote mentorships.

Study Groups are largely unstructured until the participants form a group. While there is no concrete goal for a study group, it is important to post and talk about weekly updates with the community and through blogs/tweets/articles writing.

2. Product Development Bootcamp

A product development bootcamp is lead by Sunny (Rajanshu) at HackerFarm. The Bootcamp runs for 11 weeks and participants joining this will have to be very dedicated towards the camp schedule and excercises. It is a peer-driven bootcamp and what makes it exiciting is the constant feedback and having access to mentorship from industry experts.

What you’ll do :

  • Ideation & Design Thinking
  • Software Development Principles
  • Command Line and Git
  • JavaScript Programming
  • UI Principles and Frameworks
  • Databases
  • Product Architecture
  • Build A Product!

People applying for the Product Development Bootcamp should complete the following pre-work to get selected for it.

Get started by Signing up on and upon completion of above tracks, Mail us your profile link and completion certificates, for Bootcamp enrolment at HackerFarm.

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