Upcoming: Camps, Communities & Events

By theCuriousMonk | February 14, 2019

Checkout HackerFarm Study Camps

We like to enable more camps around a lot of stuffs and connect with more communities. Following this idea to invite different camps plus communities, we are likely to learn more and its better for everyone here.

Organizing Events/Workshops/Meetups to let people explore things at our base could be done too.

Camps we might start :
    1. HF StartUp Camp (using StartUp School online curriculum)
    2. CodeCamp v2.0  (a month camp in Himalayas during summer)

Communities across world :
    1. FreeCodeCamp
    2. Kaggle
    3. Hillhacks, Hackbeach etc

Events & Meetups
    1. Ride The Future

I will detail more about it later.