Survival Guide HF2019 : Must Read

By theCuriousMonk | January 26, 2019

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We really like active and engaging participants at the base and NO spectators here. HackerFarm is only functional because of the attendees.

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Leave No Trace

The farm is very raw natural space and we would always like to keep it the same way. So please make sure to keep the trash in the trash cans or take back what you bring here especially plastics etc.


  1. Electric Unicycles (our primary commute)
  2. A Nano car
  3. A Bike

What to bring? Stuffs!

Get a complete list of what you need to bring: HF Camping Requirement List


Keep yourself away from fire and other hazardous substance. Also, if you see something burning, let the core members know about it.


Be a nice resident fellow and show some considerate. Keep voices and volumes low when people are engaged in their professional work or activities.

Electricity & Power

Usually we have good electricity connection. But if it goes down, try keeping your power banks.

In case of longer power outage, have patience and use Battery Backup, Generator, Solar or draw power from Electric Unicycle to charge laptops and smartphones etc.

Heavy Rains

We, sometimes, face heavy rains here especially in monsoon. Try moving to enclosed and dry spaces when there’s heavy rains happening at the farm.


There is a First-Aid Box at the premise. One can also visit nearby town Nelamangala (7kms from base) for clinical purposes.


Be polite to everyone.


Sometimes the network in routers gets crazy and its a pain.. do have an internet pack enabled on your smartphone to avoid the situation or maybe get a personal dongle.

Outside the base, Night

Notify campers or internal group if you’re heading outside farm. If you like to go out in night, go with a group and be alert.

Coming to HackerFarm should be your own decision. We look for strong people who can survive living in tents and away from their comfort zones, and can really give their time off to build, & learn as much as possible.