A day & night at HackerFarm

By theCuriousMonk | January 1, 2019

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Daily Routine

8 AM Yoga*
9 AM Breakfast
10 AM Study*
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Projects*
5 PM Games/Unicycle Kirtan
8 PM Dinner

Yoga & Volunteering

We expect all campers to participate in core community activities. Yoga happens weekdays (Mon to Fri) at 8 in morning and all people must attend. We follow slightly modified Ashtanga series with meditations/pranayamas for an hour. Promoting the right living and having a healthy lifestyle is what we emphasize here. Checkout Freeman’s Yoga Sequences here.

Volunteering efforts are much needed to keep the farm space nice and functional. Also, we might be assisting, sometimes, to farm caretaker activities like watering the plants, cleaning up activities area etc. by ourselves.

Study & Project

Study & Projects timings are academic part of HF Study Camps. A compulsory 3 hours of studying online and 3 hours of practical work is in daily routine. Study participants must work on skilling up themselves during these hours. Form a group, decide a learning path, draw a plan and learn, work in collaboration.

How to get best out of the online study track

1. Read the manual first, learn how to google, look support from online community 
2. Ask immediate peers available next to you
3. Get help of an in-house coach/mentor
4. Post on StackOverflow
5. Need more help? Mail senior mentors

Electric Unicycling and Drone Flying

We are often seen gliding on a single wheel in and around Bangalore and at HackerFarm. Electric Unicycles are li-powered, one-wheel commute device. People learn and explore local places on that. Some also carry to city when they become a pro-rider. All unicycles are part of EUC Bangalore Club, a community for euc enthusiast. Find more details on its website here : EUC BLR

Workshops on Assembling, Disassembling, Repair and Tweaking of Unicycles are also conducted at HackerFarm. #RideTheFuture #eucbangalore #hackerfarm are the hashtags we use to promote contents for unicycle. Ravi leads the euc chapter and manages the unicycle club.

We also love practicing and flying quadcopters and drones. Some simulation softwares are available on pc/laptops to learn. Arvind, Founder & CEO Haveli UAV has been helping us to curate a simple camp around studying and learning drones. We will come up with that soon.

Projectors and Movie Screening

Couple of projectors are around, and plug them with the soundboks.. Stream Netflix, YouTube or watch TedTalks and more fun videos.

Nearby Visits

We go to nearby places on unicycle. Lovely lakes, beautiful hills, rural green life, fresh vegs and fruits in farms, cattles grazing, peacocks and sunsets viewpoints.

Shivgange and sunset view from a nearby hill


In evening and on weekends, participants play volleyball, ping-pong, football, carrom etc.

Meditation / Evening Kirtan

Riding Unicycles and playing spiritual tunes, chanting mantras to relax our mind and spirit. Engaging in meditation. Campers are welcome to join in.

Enjoy Vast Open Sky (and sometimes cloudy)

The farm has vast open area view at the opposite of entry gate.

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