Introduction to HackerFarm

By theCuriousMonk | October 31, 2018

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HackerFarm is primarily a physical plus internet camping space and gets activated because of “curious and creative attendees”. The basic temporary setups like living building, kitchen, bathroom and hi-speed net connection are arranged to make sure that we remain connected with the global online sphere while spending our time here.


The castle is a raised space at the farm (built using pallet racks) and campers pitch their tents on its floors.


Participants should be physically present at the camp. They should be able to setup their needs and should have sufficient money to sustain themselves for the entire program duration. The basic monthly expense can come between ~12-15k inr which includes stay, food, internet and electricity. Expect less structure, more fun and freedom, make some deep connections and create your own life experience at the base.

If you are applying for Study Camps and unable to cover your own living expenses, let us know via mail.

Tent & Sleeping Bag

We generally ask people to bring their own tent and a sleeping bag if they are coming to HackerFarm. If they are unable to do it, they can let us know beforehand and we can arrange it at some cost.

Get a complete list of what you need to bring: HF Camping Requirement List


There’s a community kitchen setup at farm, we also arrange an in-house cook for participants when more in number. People can also prepare their own food if they want to. 3 times simple meal is available both north plus south indian. One should budget for food expenses, most of the time it comes around 5k-6k inr/mo.

Internet 4G/WiFi

We have couple of AirTel 4G routers with active internet connection. Participants can connect to these. Participants should also carry internet pack in their smartphone or a wifi dongle for backup.

Communities at HackerFarm

In a nutshell, We are a temporary nomadic camping community with minimal setup on a farm. We enable the basic setup for running tech education camps. There are other creative communities around and we like to exhange ideas and thoughts. We welcome friends and strangers too.